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Hiding, Caught!

Author: starduchess
Title: Hiding, Caught!
Rating: R
Word Count: 100 x 4
Pairings: Snarry
Warnings: voyeurism, chan (Harry is 16)
Written for snarry100 prompt #231: mask. Sequel to Hiding, Escaping.

Harry returned week after week, not finding any war information, but getting an earful in the sex department. And an eyeful! His invisibility cloak masked his presence but allowed him to watch the normally dour man become unglued in passion.

Had Snape really said his name that first time? He hadn't repeated it, so maybe Harry misheard. Still, it was intriguing.

Closing his eyes, Harry dreamed about his Prince, someone to save him from the horrible destiny coming. Every week he flew back to the dormitory to finish himself, never noticing the black eyes that followed him out the door.


It was late. Harry snapped awake when he heard Snape come home.

The man was in the blackest of robes, and he had a deep scowl on his face as he ruthlessly cast his Death Eater mask onto the table.

Harry shuddered. This was not going to be a good night. Hopefully, Snape would just go straight to bed so Harry could leave.

Unfortunately, Snape did something with his wand at the door then muttered, "Yes, that will do."

Next thing he knew, Snape cast a wind charm which blew the cloak right off.

Now, Harry had definitely been discovered!


Snape was staring right at him, his face a mask of rage.

"Potter! Don't tell me you thought to sneak into my rooms without my noticing."

Harry's eyes were wide with terror, and he was trembling so badly he couldn't answer.

"Since you continue to lack the decorum to keep you from invading other people's privacy, a new lesson must be given.

"Detention, now!"

As Snape cast Legilimency, Harry wished his Prince were here to save him. Snape followed that thought and saw all of Harry's carnal musings.


Harry wanted to cry from the sheer unfairness of it all.


Harry was fearful of how he was going to be exploited.

Snape began to recite phrases, ones not seen in Harry's mind. When he got to Sectumsempra, realization crystallized. This was the Prince!

Harry wasn't sure if he should be appalled or overjoyed.

As his hand cupped Harry's jaw, Snape said, "Yes, Harry, I am he and have been watching over you all this time." His normal mask was gone. Instead, there was longing, possession and devotion.

He swooped down on Harry, searing him to the core.

Harry responded with abandon, gasping, "Take me."

Snape proceeded to do just that.



Yes, Snape is a Prince, Harry. Does that make you a princess? ^_^
Yes, in some ways it does. I also see Severus as the Princess since Harry is the Saviour (knight in shining robes and all that).

It's fun to play with these switching roles. ;)
Closing his eyes, Harry dreamed about his Prince, someone to save him from the horrible destiny coming.

Oh, Harry, just wait!
*g* I'm guessing you approve?

Thanks, dear.
"Harry wasn't sure if he should be appalled or overjoyed" re Prince text should become a classic line. Absolutely awesome.

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*squee* It makes me happy that you liked this!

I sometimes think my Severus isn't snarky enough for you.
Usually I don't find him quite as snarky as I like but it's good to learn the Huffle-eye view! ;D